Meet Don Coates.

Founder. North Star Forms.
Personal service has never mattered more. I created North Star Forms in 1997. Before that, I worked with the original Waste Connections office in Vancouver WA. Yes, I’m an OG! In developing essential forms for the Waste Management industry early in my career, I could see a specialized need that generic print services have difficulty serving... It’s like hiring a landscaper to give you a haircut.
Simply put, I understand every element of your business, care about you, and know how to keep this essential element of your business on track and trouble-free. Our team doesn’t just create and provide forms, we develop relationships that customers can rely on. We strive to be a valuable extension of your business. This is my personal philosophy and it has kept our customers coming back for 27 years.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Serving the Waste Management Industry for 27 years.