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Most all our orders are custom.
Here's how to order...

Customization Menu.

Choose what you'd like to customize from any of our products.

We customize everything in our product catalog. Our industry experts will help you set up single forms or an entire ecosphere that supports every aspect of your business. North Star is a one-call, one-stop-shop!

There's NEVER A CHARGE to put your LOGO on any form.

When you're ready to customize here's what you need...

Start with existing forms.

The best starting point for customization is working from something that already exists.

Make your changes...
Mark it up!

Print out & notate or electronically mark up any changes you want to make. We create forms from scratch too.

Schedule a customization session.

Our team will verify and proof your customizations, as well as make expert suggestions. You see exactly what you're getting.

Confirm your order details.

Form size. Number of pages. Duplicates. Loose or booklets. Quantity. An Auto Reorder plan. We get the details right.

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We build relationships with our customers that they can count on.

North Star is a valuable extension of your business.
Here's why the Waste Management Industry chooses us...

...and we handle big accounts flawlessly!

We produce over


1.5 Million VCRs every year.

In addition to all the other materials we produce.
And we never miss a delivery.

We fulfill orders of over


250K DVIRs for individual customers.

Volume discounts are significant.
Customizations have no order size requirements.

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